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Lunch and learn and empathy, oh my!

Empathy Lab helps individuals and teams build more thoughtful and collaboratively productive environments. We will even do this with you while you are gobbling on some lunch!

Our currently offered lunch and learn session focuses on Workplace Empathy. Shelton, along with productivity expert, Theresa Ward from The Fiery Feather, will review the foundational principles of empathy by sharing research & anecdotes on how it positively impacts individuals and communities. They will help the principles of empathy come to life by leading individual and group empathy-building activities through story sharing, listening, reflection, and resources.

You are one sandwich away from being a stronger empathetic person. Full on food and semi-full on social and emotional learning.

Empathy Lab - Wealth of Storytelling

User Focus = Business Value
Agile development in a startup or mid-sized business can be lightening-fast. Taking the time to build lasting relationships with your users is difficult. You know that solving their problems keeps your business solvent. Let us help you prioritize your users and build your team’s empathy muscles so that your product or service fits and functions better.