Nurses and Doctors Learning Empathy

Bedside manner or patient empathy, plays a huge role in the relationship patients have with their medical care givers. Whether the patient is actually in a bed or just sitting on a chair next, it really does matter how they approached by medical professionals. Is the doctor cold and stern or are they warm and … Continue reading Nurses and Doctors Learning Empathy

What’s your Empathy Quotient?

Measuring empathy is difficult. Want to get a better understanding of how the experts measure empathy, check out the following questionnaire to see how you measure up. There are no trick answers, no rights or wrongs. Be honest with your answers. Empathy Quotient Worksheet These 60 questions created by Simon Baron-Cohen at ARC (the Autism Research Centre) at … Continue reading What’s your Empathy Quotient?

What’s your definition of empathy?

As I continue to ask people what their definition to empathy is, I've come to two conclusions. First, that thing about walking in another person's shoes that we were taught early on has stuck. Great job Mom's, Dad's Grandparents, and family members! My second finding, the act of defining empathy for some people appears to … Continue reading What’s your definition of empathy?