Thank You

Often we see only individual successes or business successes and rarely do we get to look behind the curtain at the multitude of people that made success possible. Like the credits listed at the end of a movie, this page is going to be dedicated to ALL of those people that have helped support the idea and building of The Empathy Lab.

I am grateful for your friendships, opinions, commentary, support, ideas, and empathy.

Thank you!


Mi familia:

Laura, you are my beautiful lady penguin partner in life. Thanks for going out to get us some fish. Juliette and Grayson, our two niños. Keep learning from our every move and teaching me amazing life lessons along the way. Mom (RIP 2020), Dad, Grandpa, Grandma (RIP 2019), Mark, and Cathy, thank you for believing in me.

Let’s continue this once in a lifetime adventure!

Empathy Lab friends, advisors, and challengers.

Some of you have grabbed coffee with me to chat about dreams, others have given your thoughts and concerns over the phone, while a few are getting poked by me regularly. Thank you for listening to me and helping me build this Lab for Empathy building. This list is ever growing and never done!

Theresa Ward, Billy Scully, Alexis Bolen Schaaf, Gene Kansas, Chris Hight, Ashley Fantz, Kevin Lewis, Scott Sanchez, Kevin Smith, Mark Imbriaco, Patrick Van Stee, Benjamin Charity, Billy Acheson, Caleb Hailey, Jenny Sun, Andy Silvestri, George Kembel, Abri Holden, Kristin Moody, and so many more!

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