Question 102 : Avocado

Do you like avocados? Spring is the season when avocados start to make their seasonal appearance. I think they were hibernating in California. Anyway, they can be found on toast, in salads, with chips, and even eaten all alone. Now that the avocados have arrived, do you like them?

Question 91 : Guilty Pleasure Magazine

Do you have a guilty pleasure magazine? There are so many magazines out there, some about fly fishing, others about celebrity gossip, and still more about building computers, gardening, erotica, and baking cakes. Do you get a magazine just to fulfill a guilty pleasure? Tell us about it!

Question 90 : Shoes at Home

Do you change shoes when you get home? When Mr. Rogers neighborhood started he would always sing, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" while changing his shoes. He would take off his work shoes and put on some sneakers. Better to play and storyteller in, obviously! When you get home, do you have a shoe routine?