“But when we focus on others, our world expands.”
-Dr. Daniel Goleman from his book, Social Intelligence.

Empathy Lab’s “solutions” are really areas of soft skill education and practice. In order to improve a culture, we help spur and support a long term investment back into our communities and businesses through emotional and social skill building. Think of empathy support and culture shifting as a culture’s retirement fund that gains because of compound empathy-interest over time.

In order to get us learning about empathy and practicing it, Empathy Lab offers several tailor-made workshops and support solutions.

Lab offerings

Empathy Lab Training Workshops

Lunch and Learn / Meetup:
Foundations of Empathy (any meal will suffice!)

1/2 day + full day for communities and business

Lecture Topic:
Empathy in Design Thinking

Empathy + Innovation Partnership

Imbedded Empathy Lab:
An Empathy Lab member joins your team.

Other Lab offerings!

  • 1 on 1 empathy conversations
  • Follow us + talk with us on on Twitter (our most active)
  • Coming soon: Self Awareness Application (SAWA)
  • Coming soon: Empathy Lab library
  • Coming soon: Empathy Lab Interviews