“But when we focus on others, our world expands.”
-Dr. Daniel Goleman from his book, Social Intelligence.

Empathy Lab’s “solutions” are really areas of soft skill education and practice that we know is missing from today’s education. In order to improve a culture, we help spur and support a long term investment back into your communities and businesses through emotional and social skill building. Think of empathy support and culture shifting as a culture’s retirement fund that gains by nature of compound empathy-interest over time.

In order to get us learning about empathy and practicing it, Empathy Lab offers several tailor-made workshops and partnership solutions.

Current public offerings

Empathy Lab Training Workshops

Lunch and Learn / Meetup:
Foundations of Empathy (any meal will suffice!)

1/2 day + full day for communities and business

Lecture Topic:
Empathy in Design Thinking

Empathy + Innovation Partnership

Imbedded Empathy Lab:
An Empathy Lab member joins your team.

Other Lab offerings!

  • 1 on 1 empathy conversations
  • Follow us + talk with us on on Twitter (our most active)
  • Coming soon: Self Awareness Application (SAWA)
  • Coming soon: Empathy Lab library
  • Coming soon: Empathy Lab Interviews