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Reflection on #EmpathyFriday + Our Shoes

While we enjoyed #EmpathyFriday as a culmination to the week, it felt more forced than we wanted it to be for impact it had on the Empathy Lab audience. Although there was a cadence to it’s delivery, it felt somewhat unnatural, so for the time being we are going to hit “pause” on #EmpathyFriday until we’ve got a better sense of what we want to deliver.

Instead, we are going to invite you to get into OUR shoes. We are going share the videos, academic papers, blog articles, etc. that add to the continuous build of Empathy Lab. By sharing what we consume, we are not endorsing it’s content. Like empathy, we are acknowledging that the content exists, that we understand it, and that it is now part of our considered perspective on empathy that we are actively growing and focusing at the same time.

Our primary goal: Share the Empathy based information that add to our way of thinking and building Empathy Lab.

Our secondary goal: Cull down the noise and help you learn about empathy so that you can more efficiently build and share it.

So without cadence or expectation, here we go. Time to get into our shoes a bit. Sorry if it is overwhelming, empathy CAN be exhausting.



sketched image of person saying, Monday...Go!
Empathy Lab, Monday Go!

PS. We will be sharing a synopsis of what it is we’ve “consumed” as well as a link to it. Maybe on Friday we will round up all that was shared…we will let that idea marinate a bit. Find and follow here on our blog or on Twitter / LinkedIn.

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