Question 16 : Historic Figure

Which historic figure has influenced your life the most?

This is a very open ended question because we personally define “historic figure” differently. Historic figures can be members of our own family, local business women that we believe in, or civil rights leaders. Who has influenced you the most?

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3 thoughts on “Question 16 : Historic Figure

  1. Beyond my parents Terrance McKenna is without question among the most inspiring people to have ever captivated my imagination. Additionally Jim Henson creator of the Dark Crystal, Fragle Rock and the Muppets has a very special place in my heart. Current living inspirations are Steven Eye, Android Jones and Ben Goertzel!

    1. What a great list of humans! Your parents are certainly lucky to have had you. Jim Henson is certainly a storytelling game changer. The others you mentioned, going to have to Google them and expand my knowledge base. Thanks for your answer!

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