Empathy Conversations


Let’s talk empathy! You and I, one on one.

You have stories to tell and I would love to hear them! Join me for coffee or tea in Atlanta or over the interwebs and we will chat about what empathy means to you. Within the time it takes to drink a beverage, we will chat about how you define empathy, how you employ empathetic skills in your life, and instances when you’ve not been as empathetic as you wish you had been. Judgement aside, the conversation we have can be uplifting, frustrating, joyous, and/or uncomfortable all at the same time. The objective of the Empathy Conversation is to grow, learn, and understand how you are utilizing empathy in your life. Let’s chat, coffee is on me.

Record and Share

So that the conversation doesn’t stop with us, with your permission, I want to turn every conversation into a profile piece featured on Empathy Lab. In order to do this, I would love to take some pictures with you, record our conversation (video/audio/notebook) and produce a small think piece about our conversation.

Time and Date

Month of November calendar is up! I’ve cleared an hour in the morning (8am) and evening (8pm) on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays to chat with you about empathy. Find a spot that works best for you and we’ll coordinate the location (local/remote). Need a time in December, email me at shelton@empathylab.io and we’ll figure things out.

Schedule at time to chat through Doodle

Local Atlanta Conversation Locations

Morning spots:

Morning and evening spots:

  • Empire State South in Midtown Atlanta (really close to the MARTA train 10th street stop)


Remote Conversation Location

Empathy is everywhere, thus, I want to talk to you where you are at. I would love to fly to you, sit down with a hot cup of coffee, but that just doesn’t work all the time. Let’s grab a virtual cup of joe and use Zoom.us. If you schedule a time + day and are outside of Atlanta, please download Zoom.us prior to our conversation and let me know. Thanks!

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