Business Workshops


“I want to be less empathetic to my users’ and/or team needs.”
– Said no business looking to provide value and innovate, ever.

Building relationships with users can be hard especially if you are trying to meet production deadlines, retain customers, and beat the competition. Talking to users is even more difficult if your team doesn’t trust each other. Empathy Lab workshops help you build internal team empathy as well as continued empathy for the user by concentrating workshop efforts around the first two steps of the Design Thinking process popularized by IDEO and Stanford’s So that we can help you be more empathetic to other humans, we offer two workshop packages.

  • Day Workshops: 1-day team workshop that is focused on team connections
  • Monthly / Quarterly Workshops: Multi-month engagement that is focused on improving internal team connections, identifying strengths/weaknesses, and product specific user understanding over time.

Slow Valuable Results

Question: When is the best time to plant a tree?
Answer: 20 years ago or right now.

Empathy Lab doesn’t provide turn key solutions that promise to 10x revenue, reduce user churn immediately, or improve employee retention directly after a workshop is over. The goal of all Lab workshops is to plant seeds that will in time grow to be thoughtful and hardworking individuals that make up innovative teams. By making individuals think differently about themselves and the way they view the world, we help them build empathy, the cornerstone of successful collaboration.

Day Workshops (Team Empathy Building)

Teach your team to fish! Not just part of your team, all of your team because you care about them eating, sharing, and teaching others to fish. Replace ‘fishing’ with empathy building skill set and you’ve got the idea. With everyone in a safe environment, we then help everyone become equals while also shining the light on their differences.

1/2 Day / Full Day options are available. On location or come to our hood in Atlanta, GA!

Business Value

  • Build team confidence
  • Cultivate team trust (no trust falls, promise)
  • Build individual self awareness
  • Build individual listening and observation skills
  • Learn really what drives your employee’s reason for staying

Empathy Lab Goals

  • Give your team members new ways to communication with each other
  • Help individuals build their personal empathy skill set
  • Increase team member self confidence and self awareness
  • Increase team communication
  • Increase team trust
  • Instill a continued drive to actively listen, share, and be curious

Let’s talk 1-day Empathy Lab Workshops!

Monthly/Quarterly Workshops (Team + Customer Empathy Building)

This is where all the value comes together! Teach your team how to fish AND continue coaching them as they integrate their practices back into their everyday work life. Longitudinal engagements will help you understand how your team, customers, and product mature over time. Durations range from 6 month and 1 year commitments.

Business Value

  • Same as the above Day workshop plus the following
  • Build more empathetic relationship with your customers
  • Create an environment where innovation can thrive
  • Improve team collaboration around design thinking sprints
  • Help your team see the real product – market gaps without looking directly for them
  • Identify areas of focus previously unknown

Empathy Lab Goals

  • Same as the above Day workshop plus the following
  • Help these same individuals translate all of the above learnings into their team collaboration
  • Identify customers to build empathy models around (no, not personas, REAL people)
  • Help facilitate ethnographic research, synthesis, and empathy share out sessions

Let’s talk Monthly/Quarterly Empathy Lab Workshops!