The Design Thinking process popularized by IDEO and Stanford’s We dig into the first step.

Question: When is the best time to plant a tree?
Answer: 20 years ago or right now.

Empathy Lab doesn’t provide turn key solutions that promise to 10x revenue, reduce user churn immediately, or improve employee retention directly after a workshop is over. The goal of all lab workshops is to plant seeds that will in time grow to support thoughtful and hardworking individuals that make up innovative teams. By making individuals think differently about themselves and the way they view the world, we help them build empathy, the cornerstone of successful collaboration.

Some of our current workshops include:

  1. Sketching + Empathy Basics
  2. Empathy 101 Lunch and Learn
  3. Empathy as a Decathlon : Fundamentals
  4. Decathlon event #1 : Energy
  5. Full Empathy Decathlon Training (in the works!)

All of our workshops are flexible by design. One hour practices, lunches, to multiple practices per year, our goal is to create small and slow extremely valuable results with those that participate. While we do have a specific learning objectives with each workshop, we will need to get to know you first before putting something together for you and your organization. We build empathy with you and your needs so that we can best create an experience that speaks to your team. We always start with Empathy (duh).