“But when we focus on others, our world expands.”
-Dr. Daniel Goleman from his book, Social Intelligence.

In order to get us learning about empathy and practicing it, Empathy Lab offers several tailor-made workshops and partnership solutions.

Ways to practice empathy with the Lab:

With the Lab

Morning Empathy:
Meet with the Lab for 1 hour, 8am, Wednesday mornings, Atlanta, GA

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At your place

Empathy Introduction:
Lunch and Learn or Meetup style empathy introduction and exercise.

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Workshop series:
For companies and communities that want to build an empathetic culture over time.

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With your team

Empathy Lead UX:
Infuse your culture with someone that is dedicated to self empathy, team empathy, user empathy

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Empathy Lab's little library that could.
Empathy Lab’s little library that could.

Empathy Library

We are in the process of gathering empathy based material for you to chew on. Our intention is to help you to read, practice, learn, cry, rage, and eventually SHARE what you’ve taken away. This is how you open up Shelton’s brain.

More details in our library.