We focus on people and teams that want to utilize OR are currently using the Design Thinking process to create experiences, products, and environments for others. In Design Thinking, Empathy starts off the process and we believe that most teams struggle here because they don’t have team-member empathy or self-empathy to start off with. How can you be empathetic to others if your aren’t first empathetic to yourself?

Empathy is a skill and the only way to improve it is through practice. We want to enrich your empathy practice as you strive to solve the world’s problems with Design Thinking or any other human-centered innovation process.

Two ways to practice empathy with the Empathy Lab:

Empathy Decathlon

For individuals, companies, teams, and communities that want to actively improve the empathy within their culture. 10 skills, infinite potential.

A 10-skill empathy practice series. Our goal is to help individuals and teams gradually build understanding and skill sets over time. With the Empathy Decathlon, we first build self empathy before we practice collaborative empathy.

Empathy Mornings

Join the Empathy Lab community as we talk empathy, cover Empathy Decathlon skills, and catch up.

Meet with the us for 1.5 hours to learn about a specific topic in empathy building. 8am, Wednesday mornings, live from Atlanta, GA

Empathy Morning Calendar:

Coming up:
June 24, 2020 – #4 Inventory

On the agenda:
July 29, 2020 – #5 Listen
August 19, 2020 – #6 Observe
September 30, 2020 – #7 Curiosity
October 28, 2020 – #8 Understand
November TBD – #9 Critique
December TBD – #10 Lead

All done:
May 27, 2020 – #3 Self Awareness

“But when we focus on others, our world expands.”
-Dr. Daniel Goleman from his book, Social Intelligence.