empathy lab lunch and learn at Terminus, Software

Lunch and Learn at Terminus Software

Teach them a bit about fishing…then make them fish.
One on one conversations.

February 27th, 2019 – Lunch time

“Shhhhh…” we gestured at the smiling faces of Terminus employees as they walked into their beautiful community room / kitchen to grab their boxed Jason’s Deli lunch. They all signed up for a lunch with Empathy Lab despite us letting them know that it might get a bit uncomfortable.

The room was packed, about 30 Terminus team members, as Theresa Ward (from The Fiery Feather) and I talked with them about the work and leader of Dr. BrenĂ© Brown, Dr. Helen Riess, and Ray Dalio. Over a sandwich and some weird questions, we were able to plant some basics seeds of empathy in research and how to utilize Teresa Wiseman’s 3 steps to empathetic communication.

You know you want us to come by, help you be more empathetic while and uncomfortable at the same time.

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