The lab grows through the act of learning from others. In order to do so, books will be read, videos will be watched, courses will be taken, and many conversations will be had. Here is where we will start housing the material that helps us continually learn, grow, and support others.


All of Empathy Lab’s books are organized and located on Libib. Head over to to see what our shelves look like.


Come check out our slowly curated TED talk channel. We will try to keep it manageable so that you’re not overwhelmed by all the potential talk about neurobiology and psychology research. We are nerds though, so, enjoy!


Empathy Quiz published by The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley

Empathy Quotient designed by Simon Baron-Cohen at the Autism Research Center (ARC)

Empathy focused people + organizations

Empathy Lab's little library that could.
Empathy Lab’s little library that could.

More to come! We are always learning, building, sharing.