Project VV

Draft July 10, 2019

Voting and Vasectomies.
Two drastically different subjects of responsibility and conversation that are uncomfortable to talk about, yet very important to have. We will be conducting an ethnographic inquiry over the next several months and produce a version one of our findings in January of 2020. We cannot give too much away incase YOU are part of this research.

The outcomes to Project VV will be the following:

  • January 2020
    • Presentation of findings
    • Definition of problem areas
    • Identification of areas to help raise awareness, increase communication, or impact legislation.
  • Potential R&D towards product(s) creation in 2020

Want to participate in the study?

We are looking for volunteers, so if you are interested, please let us know. Please note: We will gather as little (none if possible) personally identifiable information. Permission will be asked, by subject, whether we can share quotes, stories, etc. No data will be shared for marketing/advertising/sales purposes. All data gathered is for the purpose of the study and subsequent Empathy Lab research and design. Lastly, because this is an independently funded study, we are not representing any entity.