Lab Projects

Beyond workshops and connecting people to the great work being done in empathy, Empathy Lab will also start conducting independent explorations. We will be taking on topics of conversation that we tend to avoid and looking in places where companies don’t research because it doesn’t provide them a visible path to a 100x return. We are not looking for grand monetary returns, we are looking to rise the informational tide for as many people as we can.

Our current research areas:

Lab Project: VV (Voting & Vasectomies)

Voting and Vasectomies. Two drastically different subjects of responsibility and conversation that are uncomfortable to talk about, yet very important to have. We will be conducting an ethnographic inquiry over the next several months and produce a version one of our findings in January of 2020. We cannot give too much away incase YOU are part of this research.

The outcomes to Project VV will be the following:

  • Share knowledge gathered (anonymous as participants need)
  • January 2020
    • Presentation of findings
    • Definition of problem areas
    • Identification of areas to help raise awareness, increase communication, or impact legislation.
  • Potential R&D towards product(s) creation

Conversations: Empathy Driven Companies

What makes up an empathy-driven company (EDC) and how is their mission different than those that are not empathy driven? In the next few months we are going to talk to company leaders and more importantly, company employees about what an empathy-driven company looks like. How does empathy in practice mingle with evidence-driven, user-center, revenue focused business building?

The outcomes of these conversations will be the following:

  • Brief interview synopsis (format unknown, monthly share)
  • Packaged overview synopsis of all interview insights (February 2020)