Indi Young's book, Practical Empathy

Keep it simple, Friday 5 Updates

Empathy is a skill, we’ve established that. Heck, even Gary V says so!

Your time is valuable, so thank you for reading this. I’ll keep it brief.

5 Updates:

  1. Voted for Empathy and Ethics this week during the November 5th election (Instagram picture) Did you vote? Tell us about for our Project VV.
  2. Reading Indi Young’s book, Practical Empathy whenever we get a chance! A review is soon to follow and I will see about getting some of the content into the next Empathy Morning. (Instagram)
  3. Preparing for the November 20th Empathy Morning Practice on Empathy + Energy. If you are in ATL, RSVP here at Eventbrite.
  4. Surveying! We still need people to take the VV Survey. Give me 5 minutes of your time, it’s worth it!
  5. Questioning! is up and running, so if you want a daily question to ponder, answer, share, head in that direction. We are unsatisfied with the design, but it’s up and rolling. Iterative process people.

Happy weekending!


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