Hiding in the Comfort Zone

This “comfortable zone” quote by Seth Godin from Ship It Journal poses an interesting thought. Even though we seek to find this comfort zone (personal safety and security), the only way of getting there is through uncomfortable situations. What if we control for a directional ebb and flow between comfortable situations AND uncomfortable tests? 

The thought of hiding makes remaining in the comfort zone seem a bit childish. A good game of hide-n-seek is wonderfully fun, but WOW, how boring is it when the seeker cannot find you. This is the comfort zone, that time when the seeker cannot find you OR has given up on you all together. Maybe, don’t hide so well OR get out of your hiding place and move to another place. NEW GAME, timed hiding in hide-n-seek. 

Last random thought, the idea of intentionally disrupting comfort makes me think of Netflix’s Chaos Monkey or Simian Army

It works by intentionally disabling computers in Netflix’s production network to test how remaining systems respond to the outage. – Wikipedia.

Netflix realized in 2011 that the strength of its company relies on it’s ability to respond to production network issues. They intentionally make the system uncomfortable in order to make it better, faster, stronger. Who doesn’t want that?

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