Shelton kneeling and talking to people on a couch about empathy

Empathy Morning #1 – The Recap

More pictures of Empathy Morning #1 on Flickr. Yes, Flickr. Data and Deanna reference from Stanford Associate Professor, Jamil Zaki‘s book War for Kindness.

Long overdue recap of the first Empathy Morning on October 2nd, 2015 at Constellations Community in the Sweet Auburn area of downtown ATL.

We ate giant croissants from Proof bakery, oversized Kroger blueberries, and hot coffee from Condessa. People were visibly scared by size of the croissants which in turn lightened the mood between strangers.

Those that made it mingled about, made small talk, and were eventually invited to find a seat in Constellation‘s North Star library to find seats.

Picture from the event on Flickr.

Empathy Primer + the Decathlon

They had no idea what to expect and I had no idea how this “presentation” would go. It was an interactive prototype, something un-tried before, and they were fantastic lab partners to the show that unfolded. No Powerpoint slides, no projectors, just the group and some tactile props.

Without giving away the how this Empathy Morning played out, everyone participated in the discussion whether they liked it or not. We talked about the basics of empathy, the psychology researchers that are leading the way, and learned some Empathy Decathlon techniques to practice in their everyday lives.

At the end, people made new friends, helped clean up the props, grabbed some #empathybuilder stickers, and left me thinking about the next meeting. What can do differently

Want to join the next Empathy Morning?

Arrival at 8am, start at 8:30a, finish around 9:30a. Good (and slightly uncomfortable) times!

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