The Empathy Lab Workshop

Last year I asked myself and a number of people a series of questions. It was one question a day for what started off as a 100 day test. These questions made myself and those that followed along dig into our own lives in order to answer as honestly and thoughtfully as possible. Questions ranged from silly to serious, like trying to answer questions like ““#84 What’s the highest thing you’ve jumped off of?” to “#199, Have you ever been shot at with a gun?”. After more than 250 questions and numerous conversations with friends and family, I am shifting Empathy Lab into a new gear on order to grow the impact of building empathy together. Part of this year’s efforts will be conducting events and workshops.

What is an Empathy Lab Workshop?

With the lab’s first Partner in Empathy, Theresa Ward, we are running a workshop dedicated to . Like anything new that is to be shared with people outside friends and family, we have created a flexible and viable prototype that we are going to be utilizing through a series of workshops. What we can tell you is this, the workshop’s objective is to enriching people’s view of one another while being a bit uncomfortable. The workshop will be enriching after we get a better understanding about why people behave or think they way they do. The workshop will also be uncomfortable because the process of listening and sharing uncovers truths that make us feel weird and conflicts that make us want to fight. As we continue to develop the workshop, we will try to share our learnings here on Empathy Lab.

Who is in these workshops?

Eventually, maybe you! Currently, we are inviting friends, family, and passionate businesses to join us in this journey. We are inviting people that believe in community building and are willing give us raw, candid feedback so that we can grow together. If you or your company fit this profile, please contact us and we will see about including you in an upcoming workshop.

I am interested in a Empathy Lab workshop!!


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