Empathy Friday #9 : Holiday Empathy + #optionbthere

Happy Empathy Friday, December 21st 2018! This is your end of the day, end of the work week, empathy in the world round up. Articles, quotes, exercises, and a single question from Empathy Lab for you to start your weekend.

Here goes Empathy Friday #9!

One question,
one picture,
one article on empathy,
and a quick list of things we’ve found / been shared.

Your Weekend’s Question:

What is the best gift you’ve received that wasn’t a thing, but rather an experience or reflection of one?


If you want to share your answer, please let us know friday@empathylab.io.

Picture of Empathy

Hugs are nice. (from BGCA)

The holiday season is meant to be a celebration of the people around us. Here in the United States, it starts with Thanksgiving, runs through Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa officially ends with New Years Eve. For some, there are special meals, gifts, religious services, and togetherness. It is a great time to practice empathy, not only for those immediately around us, but also for those that are not. As we get closer to December 25th, Christmas, give those around you one of the best gifts you have to offer, your attention. Celebrate them by doing a few simple things.

  1. Actively listen and ask questions about them
  2. Show gratitude for their presence first and their presents second
  3. Set a good example and others will follow

Empathy in focus

Teaching Kids Kindness Through the Holidays and Beyond
There are some good empathy building lessons in this blog post from the Boys and Girls Club of America that apply to both kids and adults alike. They are simplified above, so jump in and read a bit about how the BGCA is helping millions of parents and their kids become more empathetic individuals.

After all, empathy is a skill you learn, and much like riding a bike, it’s hard to forget once you’ve got it down.


Option B
#optionbthere for the Holidays. A good resource for those looking to help comfort and support others that might be going through difficult times. Cards and/or simple conversations can go a long way for someone that needs another human being to listen to them, hear them.

Empathy from you.

If you find articles that have piqued your interest and are things you want to share with others, please send them to friday@empathylab.io.

Cheers all and happy weekending (week starting)!

Shelton (sD)

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