Hurricane Harvey shelter

Empathy Friday #8 : Forced Displacement

Happy Empathy Friday, December 14th 2018! This is your end of the day, end of the work week, empathy in the world round up. Articles, quotes, exercises, and a single question from Empathy Lab for you to start your weekend.

Here goes Empathy Friday #8!

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Your Weekend’s Question:

Have you ever been forced out of your home?


If you want to share your answer, please let us know

Picture of Empathy

Hurricane Harvey shelter
George R. Brown Convention Center shelter for those displaced by hurricane Harvey. NPR

People are constantly having to leave their homes because of natural disasters (Camp Fire, hurricane Harvey) and violent forced displacements (Hondurus, Sudan). Their homes have been destroyed or it is too dangerous for them to live in their city/country any longer. We watch these incidents take place on the news, hear it on the radio, but how much do we actually empathize with those that are going through this and carry this into those that are displaced in our communities? How do we empathize with people being forced from their home?

In order to gain empathy for those that have been displaced, we must listen to their stories. I am in the process of finding the best resources to share a diverse set of refugee stories. If you have some leads, let me know.

Empathy in focus

Humans of New York Refugee Stories
Matt Stratton from Human’s of New York did a series of photos and interviews with refugees from different countries, displaced for different reasons. This is a good start to better understand why people leave their homes for places that safer for them.

Empathy from you.

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Cheers all and happy weekending (week starting)!

Shelton (sD)

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