Empathy Friday #6

Happy Empathy Friday, November 30th 2018! This is your end of the day, end of the work week, empathy in the world round up. Articles, quotes, exercises, and a single question from Empathy Lab for you to start your weekend.

Here goes Empathy Friday #6!

One question,
one picture,
one article on empathy,
and a quick list of things we’ve found / been shared.

Your Weekend’s Question:

What is your strangest family tradition?


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Picture of Empathy


While staying at the Moxy in Tempe, Arizona, I played giant Jenga by Bumble in the lobby with friends. Not only was the game a fun way to unwind, we got to know a bit about each other in the process. Like many question and answer games, this gave us the chance to connect and open up on silly things, serious topics, all while trying not to topple over the tower.

Empathy in focus

People who experience traumatic events as children are more empathetic as adults
The title says most of it, research has shown that experienced trauma in childhood tends to develop affective empathy as adults (not cognitive empathy). It is important to note that this means that these individuals, as adults, are able to respond to another person’s mental state with an emotional response. This doesn’t mean that they can understand the other person’s thoughts.

Keys to success include self-awareness and conscious living, expert says
Understanding that self awareness and empathy are high indicators success is great, but getting to that success when dealing with people is difficult in practice. Ian Morgan Cron, psychotherapist and author, uses the Enneagram personality test to help individuals and groups figure out how to interact with each other.


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Empathy from you.

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Cheers all and happy weekending!

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