Empathy Friday #3 : Sunset/Sunrise, Georgia Tech and, Sandra Peterson.

Happy day late Empathy Friday everyone! This is your end of the day, end of the work week, empathy in the world round up. Articles, quotes, exercises, and a single question from Empathy Lab for you to start your weekend.

This week was saturated with emotions. From the absolute lows from the

Here goes Empathy Friday #3!

One question
one picture,
one article on empathy,
and a quick list of things we’ve found / been shared.

Your Weekend’s Question:

Which do you prefer, a sunrise or a sunset? Why?


Want to share your answer, please let us know friday@empathylab.io.

Pictures of Empathy:

Dr. Kristin Moody from Evolve Network and Empathy Lab co-taught a class at Georgia Tech titled, “Empathy Fuels Innovation”. It was an insightful combination of  empathy in product innovation and empathy in neurobiology and team building. I will be producing a dedicated blog post about that class very soon, so be on the look out. If you would like Dr. Kristin and I to come and talk to your students, please let us know, we are more than happy to make them uncomfortable. 😉

A slide from our presentation:

Empathy Fuels Innovation.jpg
The restructuring of Design Thinking to what tends to happen.

Empathy in focus

Restructuring Leadership: Why Economics and Empathy Matter in Equal Measure

Not an article this week but a lecture by, Sandra E. Peterson, the 36th Robert S. Hatfield Fellow in Economic Education at Cornell University AND former group group worldwide chair for Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest health care company. Before that, she was the CEO of Bayer CropScience AG in Germany, CEO of Bayer Medical Care and president of Bayer HealthCare AG’s Diabetes Care Division. Why do I feel the need to showcase her amazing tenure? Well, because over her experience as a corporate leader, she learned that there is power in how you use empathy and engagement. As Peterson says in her lecture,

Empathy and engagement, if done well are really not touchy feely. They are active ways to determine and execute necessary changes.

Empathy has a significant role in her power as a leader. So does being herself and allowing others to know who she is. Peterson’s talk at Cornell is well worth 50 minutes of your day. Make it happen, she is an impressive person and someone I would love to meet.

More empathy this week.

Honestly, I spent my allotted time researching and re-listening to the lecture by Peterson above that I failed to make a dent in all the empathy literature that came through my Google Alert feed. I will get back on the empathy-in-literature horse this weekend and catch up on all the politics, national political triumphs, local tragedies, and research breakthroughs that have surfaced.

Empathy from you.

If you find articles that have piqued your interest and are things you want to share with others, please send them to friday@empathylab.io.

Cheers all and happy weekending!

Shelton (sD)

PS. If anyone knows Sandra Peterson and can introduce us, I would love to buy her a coffee and get to know more about her and the power that empathy plays in corporate innovation.

One thought on “Empathy Friday #3 : Sunset/Sunrise, Georgia Tech and, Sandra Peterson.

  1. 🌞Both have their magic. Especially love the vibrations of the aeither that happen with the setting sun. However gun to my head to chose one or the other I’d have to say sunrise. Not only is the am oasis beyond the beyond but it’s the coming in of the energies, of the life force. Frozen to the bone nothing is more cherished than the rising sun. And no matter how eloquently done abandonment sucks😉😂🤣🤓

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