Empathy Friday #11 : Close Call = Motivation

Happy New Year Empathy Lab Technicians! 

Welcome to the first Friday of 2019. Hopefully your first 4 days have been amazing!

As we move into the new year, I am going to start evaluating how I can best give your empathy skill building more of a bump. I want to level up your ubuntu, challenge your thinking, and share personal stories with you. Through these efforts on Friday’s and with the groups that EL is working with, my goal, as always is to create a better world by drastically improving the way we build and share empathy through story sharing.

2019 is dedicated to a practice of continuous empathy by taking small steps with those you trust and supporting a forward movement.

Here goes Empathy Friday #11!

One question,
one picture,
one short story.


Have you ever been positively motivated because of an incident that almost happened to you?


If you want to share your answer, please let us know friday@empathylab.io.


Tire tracks in the wet grass from a SUV that jumped the curb and almost hit me as I ran through the crosswalk.

Short Story: Close Call = Motivation

On New Years day every year I go on a run. “Get up and run” I tell myself, and this year I got to do it in the rain. Other years have been in the snow and completely naked around a farm. This year started off decently simple despite the hills that my calves hated. New route, new puddles, new hills, new turns, and a new terrifying experience.

I heard the tires screeching in my direction as I sprinted through the end of the crosswalk and up onto a grassy area beyond the street. Still trying to get away, I turned around to see if I was safely away or about to get hit, I watched a frazzled driver try to correct their horribly planned left hand turn. His SUV slammed into the curb a few feet in front of me, metal on metal sounds as its front wheels dug into the grass and swerved away from me.

I stood there, shocked. He parked his broken SUV in the back of the parking lot and sat there, shocked and probably scared. He never came up to see how I was, I never went down to see how he was. Eventually I just ran, Forest Gump style…through a cemetery, past a McDonalds, waved at people, and cried a bit.

I am here, unharmed and alive! I was rather shaken for the remainder of January 1st, but have since gained some perspective on the incident. My motivations from this incident are the following, in no ranked order:

  • Continue to run without headphones AND scold my friends that do.
  • Don’t take my time here for granted or let anyone else waste it for me
  • Be the father, husband, friend, and supporter that I believe they deserve and know they want.
  • Build my dreams…Empathy Lab and its mission is one of them.

So, go build your dreams, drive safely, run aware, and forgive people for the mistakes they make. If you need help, let me know.


Blog side notes:

  • Theresa Ward, thank you for mentioning “ubuntu” and The Book of Joy to me, it’s on the list.
  • The motivation, “Build my dreams” reminded me immediately of Aesop Rock’s song, No Regrets and the chorus line that reads. (Great album!)

1-2-3, that’s the speed of the seed
A-B-C, that’s the speed of the need
You can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream
I’d rather live it, cause dreamers always chase but never get it

No Regrets : Aesop Rock

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