Last Empathy Friday

Empathy Friday #10 : 2019 Challenge

Happy Empathy Friday, December 28th 2018! This is your end of the day, end of the work week, empathy in the world round up. Articles, quotes, exercises, and a single question from Empathy Lab for you to start your weekend.

Here goes Empathy Friday #10!

One question,
one picture,
one article on empathy,
and a quick list of things we’ve found / been shared.

Your Weekend’s Question:

Looking forward, what one thing are you going to challenge yourself with in 2019?


If you want to share your answer, please let us know

Picture of Empathy

Last Empathy Friday
Last Empathy Friday of 2018!

Congratulation, we’ve made it to the last Friday of 2018! Despite feeling like a mad sprint to get here, it’s been a marathon of learnings, fantastic conversations, and incredible support for Empathy Lab. Rather than make this Friday post long, I just wanted to thank you for listening to me talk about self awareness and empathy. 2019 will be another marathon of hurdles, events, and water jumps, but if we take all those obstacles on together, I know it will be an amazing year.

As always, please let me know what I can help you with. Let’s make this year of Friday’s amazing.

Thank you for 2018! Onto 2019 (we’ve got some great things planned, stay tuned)!


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