Empathy Decathlon

Get your butt to practice!

We practice together, like athletes, to build our emotional intelligence muscles. In our Empathy Decathlon, we coach you as a team member through 10 skills that you can practice over the course of your life. Just like the athletic Decathlon, some Empathy Decathlon skills will exhaust you while others will require you to be focused and nimble. We are here to help you become a better Empathy Decathlete.

First, what is a decathlon? A decathlon is a 2 day, 10 event track and field adventure. All athletes that take on the challenge dedicate time and continuous practice to continually improve their abilities across each event.

What is an Empathy Decathlon? First, it’s definitely not as painful as a 1500m, yet it challenges each participant to practice skills that might feel uncomfortable at first. An Empathy Decathlon consists of 10 different empathy focused skills that build off of each other. The first 5 skills are dedicated to self exploration and the second 5 skill are dedicated to collaboration. Together, they help individuals and teams practice self empathy, collaborative empathy, and leadership empathy.

First 5 Skills

The first 5 skills are dedicated to “me” skill building. Here we will explore your inner workings and what makes you tick in the present time. Eventually, we will bring you to the point of listening, taking in the world, and starting the process of empathetic listening. The foundations here set you up for the second 5 events that deal with “we”.

  1. Energy
  2. Baggage
  3. Self Awareness
  4. Personal Inventory
  5. Hear

Second 5 Skills

The second 5 skills are dedicated to “we” skill building. With the base that you’ve built over the past 5 skill building practices, we will now directly apply this foundation to skills that involve more that one person. As we move through the second 5 skills, it will be crucial to continue doing the first 5. This is where it gets difficult, uncomfortable, and rewarding.

  1. Respond
  2. Ask why
  3. Confirm findings
  4. Support and critique
  5. Lead with empathy

Practice to be an Empathy Decathlete with us!

We are looking for individuals that want to learn about themselves so that they can better collaborate, lead, and teach others. We are also looking for teams that want to lead with empathy, support individual personal growth, and build safe spaces for innovation.

A full Empathy Decathlon practice includes:

  1. Completely remote over Zoom / Slack
  2. Full practice schedule
  3. 10 hours of live directed skill practice (flexible up to 10 weeks = 1 skill per week)
  4. Homework per skill
  5. Support hours depending on duration of Empathy Decathlon schedule
  6. Weekly skill focused questions, quotes, and stories shared with team
  7. Graduation Empathy Decathlon gift delivered to each Empathy Decathlete!

16 Empathy Decathletes per group so that we can keep it small, intimate, safe, effective, and enjoyable.

As a practice, we will continue supporting ALL Empathy Decathletes as a community via Slack, personal emails, and snail mail. If teams want more Empathy Lab support post the Empathy Decathlon, we can certainly make that happen too, just ask!


Cost based on the group’s scheduling needs. We will be putting together non-team group practices very soon that start on a certain date.

Let us know if you’re interested in getting on the Empathy Decathlon practice roster.