DNA of a Rule Breaker by Cindy Eckert

“If you assign no value to the benefit of something, then any risk will be too great. And it was clear to me that that was what was going on here. That there was a lack of empathy for what these women were going through.”

Cindy Eckert – TEDx Talk “DNA of a Rule Breaker”


Empathy for women and their stories is what differentiated Cindy Eckert‘s drive to create and build a company that served women’s needs.

  • Created “female Viagra” Addyi
  • Sold Sprout Pharmaceuticals to Valeant for more that $1B
  • Recently re-aquired Sprout Pharmaceuticals from Valeant
  • Founder of The Pink Ceiling, an investment firm focused on funding women founded and run companies

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