Shelton, founder of Empathy Lab, at his messy desk.

Bringing Shelton into the Lab

Hey ya’ll, it’s me, Shelton. Yes, I am writing about bringing myself into the Lab. Weird, I know.

To be completely honest, I’ve been struggling for a while now trying to figure out Empathy Lab’s “voice and tone” as a company. I’ve been trained to believe that the “business” must be polished and professional in order to be heard, yet in my soul, I know that this isn’t true. I tend to talk about being imperfect to my family, friends, and complete strangers, yet I am too afraid to let loose and speak from the gut. I can speak to you, human to human, with all of our mess and none of that will demote my mission and message with Empathy Lab.

Creating a better world by drastically improving the way we build, share, and support empathetic practices.

The Empathy Lab

Like many adults, I fear imaginary monsters, just like my 5 year old son. I fear the bumps in the night just like my 8 year old daughter. The difference between them and I is that I know that the monster is in my head and that the bump in the night is our cat jumping off the kitchen island. It’s all about what I do with this fear. With Empathy Lab, I’ve feared being bold and passionate with my voice as lead lab technician. I’ve feared judgement, ridicule, and harassment.

I will hide no more, because I truly believe in Empathy Lab’s mission. So, here I am!

  1. I will make mistakes and apologize
  2. I will say radical things and be open for correction
  3. I will share my experiences, my observations, and my opinions
  4. I will create a safe space for myself and others to do exactly the same

Empathy Lab is an extension of me and all that I’ve learned as a complex human. It is my way of giving back, improving life, and fighting for a better future for as many as possible. So, from here on out, the soul of Empathy Lab comes from the soul of me.

Also, Happy belated New Year everyone! I hope 2020’s been a great ride for you so far. If you’ve got stories, I’ve got the time to listen. If you want stories, I’ve got plenty. Let’s chat.


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