sketch notes from javascript meeting on empathy

Atlanta Javascript Meetup – Workplace Empathy Sketch Note

On January 22, 2019, Empathy Lab got the privilege of sharing some “Empathy 101” content with a room full of amazingly talented developers at the monthly Atlanta Javascript Meetup hosted at Cinemassive. Rather than dumping yet another presentation on people, we decided to turn the presentation into a one page sketch note. A lot lighter and much more shareable. Thank you again to Wendy, Toby, Randall, and the event sponsors.

Empathy based content we covered:

Remember, you don’t want Thunderdome as your workplace culture! Have the difficult conversations and let EVERYONE enter and leave.

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We want to help build amazing cultures and communities. Learn the basics, dig deep build trust, and have some uncomfortable conversations. Contact us, we’d love to help ya’ll!

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