Empathy Lab App

It is almost here!

The Empathy Lab App is currently in BETA form and we are actively taking registrations. We are carefully selecting a few individuals that can help us improve the experience through feedback and active conversations. Not everyone will be getting an invitation at this time, we are still in testing and don’t want to break too much.

If this sounds like something you would be into, send us your information and let us know why you want to be part of the Empathy Lab app pioneers!

So, what does the Empathy Lab Application do?

It is top secret! Just kidding, it’s not really. A great way of getting to know a person, build a relationship, or gain empathy for another is by asking questions and sharing answers. With the eLab App, you will be given questions to answer about yourself. Simple questions like, “What’s your favorite type of apple?” and more difficult questions like, “Are you voting in the US November 6th, 2018 midterm election?”. With two phases, you will first learn about yourself and second, you will practice your sharing and listening with a community of REAL people.

BETA Phase 1: Self Awareness

This phase of Empathy Lab is simple, questions and answers so that you can get to know YOURSELF. No in application sharing (yet) and zero “liking”. As we continue to develop the application along with BETA users, we will learn how best to facilitate safe communication between people.

The application will be available to the selected participants through both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Links soon to come!

BETA Phase 2 : Community Awareness

More about this phase coming soon!