Who started this lab?

Empathy Lab was officially founded by Shelton Davis in 2016, but has been in the works for most of his working life as a human-centered design trained user experience product designer.

Shelton’s details:

  • Hates green peas!
  • Loves brussel sprouts!
  • Raised in Southern California by an amazing mom and grandparents.
  • Attended junior college in Santa Ana, California and is VERY proud of it.
  • Is forever married to the heart of a fantastic lady named, Laura.
  • Has been working as a UX Researcher and Designer for over 10 years.
  • Has two adorable kids, Juliette and Grayson.
  • Is half black & half white & half awesome.
  • Is struggling to take care of his mom and grandparents.
  • Wants to Will change the world with Empathy Lab.
  • More about Shelton here!

Who is helping this this lab grow?

There are many people behind Empathy Lab that need to be recognized for being both amazing friends and honest advisors. This pool of individuals are a diverse crowd of thinkers, listeners, doers, adventurers, and best of all, interested in improving humanity. Here’s the ever growing list of people Empathy Lab wants to thank, Thank you!

More specifically, Theresa Ward, the lab’s first Partner in Empathy, continues to help push the lab forward with her skills as a productivity professional, facilitator, storyteller, and content coordinator. She is a fiery feather!