The Empathy Lab is an experiment dedicated to the study of individual human experiences. By sitting down virtually or in-person with another beautiful human, we create an environment where stories can be exchanged, understanding can be gathered, anonymous vitriol is impossible, and feelings can be shared. By having these conversations, we improve our social awareness and empathy for different people.

The Empathy Lab can only thrive if you share your stories. The stories that shape us are a mixture of a few grand tales, several tragedies, weird family gatherings, and many, many boring routines. This rich mix is us.

Who’s behind this?

Shelton and his band of merry people (contact if you would like to join the merry band). Shelton is a practicing experience researcher and designer that interviews people regularly for product design purposes as well as just for fun.

Main Project – The Daily Question:

Our main project, The Daily Question, is underway and open to the public. Jump in, answer questions, share your answers, and and let’s see if we can learn more about building empathy together. We will attempt to keep the questions simple, as unbiased as possible, and insightful.

Thanks for checking out the Empathy Lab!

Hugs and high fives!

Founder + Question Asker