A Pause at 160, the Perfection Question

Maybe it is a coincidence, but right as Question 160 : Perfection was published, my perfect record of daily questions faltered for about a week. As with most side projects yearning to become main projects, sometimes life pushes all extra time and mental energy to the side. For the past 7 days, much like many of the people I see everyday, I was overwhelmed by the realities of life. Family, friends, work, and personal health had to come first, thus 7 questions went unpublished. Non-the-less, every day I spent not asking questions were filled with many personal experiences of empathy. I raked leaves with two homeless men, comforted my crying 90 year old grandfather, watched two women bond over EXO, or even the thought about tomorrow’s Father’s Day. From these, many perspectives have been observed and compassionately noted. Much of what has touched me in the past 7 days, in addition to my life as a happily smiling people watcher, will be reflected here through questions and short stories on Empathy Lab moving forward. I will try and note it’s significance as I share it.

Also, the Empathy Lab road map. I believe this should be much bigger and collective than it current is, so be on the look out for a roadmap with changes in the near future.

Keeping this short since I am tired and need to publish some questions, enjoy!



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