#51 is a New Day

Hi friends!

So far, EmpathyLab.io has been a quiet, solo project. Between reading literature on empathy and sketching out ideas with the owls and the birds, I’ve been building the lab’s first experimental project, qdqd or the Quick Daily Question Delivery.qdqd was created to help us talk more about the simple things that make us who we are, while hopefully increasing the empathy we have for each other. It is a work in progress, but today marks a big milestone.

I have just crossed day 50 and have asked 50 interesting questions to friends, family, and random smiling people. I’ve learned a lot over the past 50 questions about my growing circle and myself. My first learning, no matter what the question is, some people will love it, others will think I am weird, and a few will think I just insulted them.  I don’t quite understand the latter response and it doesn’t deter me from today’s new start.

Day #51’s question,
“What new thing are you going to do today?”

My new thing today makes me extremely nervous. Today, I tell a good majority of my friends and acquaintances (You!) about qdqd and invite them to become active Contributors through Patreon. Worst case scenario, some people will think I just insulted them. Best case scenario, people will think I am weird and join me in this experiment somehow.

So, join me on qdqd!

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Here goes, something!

High fives and hugs,

-Shelton (your weird friend / soon to be weird friend)

PS. I don’t have a copywriter or editor so please forgive any horrible comma, use, or bad grammatical errors. If something’s off, please let me know!

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