Nurses and Doctors Learning Empathy

Bedside manner or patient empathy, plays a huge role in the relationship patients have with their medical care givers. Whether the patient is actually in a bed or just sitting on a chair next, it really does matter how they approached by medical professionals. Is the doctor cold and stern or are they warm and curious? Patients and people in general tend to be more open with individuals that are warm and ask questions versus those that overpower a room and deliver statistics and figures.

When a medical professional isn’t receptive to conversation and empathetic listening, they tend to get more, “doorknob moments“. How do patients start with the “doorknob moment” first, and how do medical practitioners build the relationship in order to get these moments earlier in the visit?

Learn more from the Atlanta Magazine about how medical education is trying to improve empathy in patient care: How to Teach Doctors Empathy.

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