Question 195: Acrobatics

Have you ever done acrobatics?

Acrobatics can be seen in large performances like Cirque Du Soleil, at high school sporting games with cheerleaders, and in tumbling classes for children. Some of us have actually been on the side of being the performer, while others have a been amazed spectators. Have you ever done acrobatics in front of a crowd?

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3 thoughts on “Question 195: Acrobatics

  1. My daughters and I did vaulting on horseback — love your picture of acrobatics at the beach :)) Found this vaulting video shot at a beach, too :)) Vaulting is a great team sport. It certainly increases a person’s horse balance and skills! Dawn

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    1. Wow, I never would have thought about vaulting on horseback. What an incredible experience this must have been for you and your daughters. When are we going to see the family act on television? Thank for sharing Dawn! -Shelton

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      1. The best thing was that after my girls (maybe 9 and 7 at the time) started to vault, they never ever fell off of a horse again. Any time they got “light” they would just vault off, and LAUGH — so it was very practical :)) Also, I had ridden all my life, yet my riding skills got even closer and more connected to the horse after even just my limited time vaulting (being the oldest “student” in the class — early 40s). Simply wonderful :))

        You might enjoy seeing this — this “kid” Erik was vaulting when my kids were, and we saw him compete in Santa Barbara. Now he’s a mature adult, and gone beyond amazing!!! Best to you, Shelton :))

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